「ALU FLOWER vol.3」 in Serbia  ※終了


セルビアのアート団体Siroka Staza(シロカ・スターザ)の企画展で、
展覧会オープニングから最初の一週間は、Branko Brandajsさんによる私のポートレートの写真作品と合わせての二人展ではじまり、その後は展覧会終了まで個展になります。
「ALU FLOWER  vol.3」

2013年 6月22日(土)~ 8月22日(木)
6月22日 オープニングパーティ
BOGIC Gallery (Belgrade in Serbia) ベオグラード・セルビア
「ALU FLOWER」展は、インド、日本、セルビアへと続き、今回は第三回目の開催になり、とても嬉しいです。
こちらも どうぞよろしくお願いいたします!

「ALU FLOWER  vol.3」

◇◆It was successfully closed◆◇
” Siroka Staza” An art association in Serbia, plans an exhibition for me.
This is my third exhibition of “ALU FLOWER” that my mono-print work “Daily prints” series.
There is photo works of my portrait photo by Mr.Branko Brandajs at the exhibition begining for 7days. After that, only my artwork will be continue for 2 months at gallery.
22th Jun(Sat) 2013 to 22th Aug(Thu) 2013
Opening party on 22th June
BOGIC Gallery (Belgrade in Serbia)
My Daily prints exhibition”ALU FLOWER”, have been started from India to Japan and Serbia! It became to the 3rd times in Serbia. I am very happy for this!
My artwork “Daily prints” series that I draw my memory day by day where I stay in. And having an exhibition in that country. I feel the native people have something interest what foreigner(Atsuko Honda)’s view and drawing to own country(landscape, culture…etc).
This time I had a short trip to Belgrade(Serbia) for 12 days since end of last March. It will be displayed include my memories of Serbia 12 pieces together. Thanks.
More information, Please refer the event page by FB.