ALU FLOWER vol.4 絵日記版画Daily mono print 展  ※終了


An Exhibition of Prints by ATSUKO HONDA
2007年インド留学時代から今日まで続く『絵日記版画Daily mono print』の作品一斉展示致します!
展覧会会場いっぱいにALU FLOWER(じゃがいもの花:素朴で純粋なという願いを込めて)の空気が広がりますように
「ALU FLOWER vol.4 絵日記版画Daily mono print 展」

【日時】2014年 4月1日(火)~13日(日)
TEL/FAX 077-521-4515

「The Exhibition “ALU FLOWER vol.4” -Daily mono print Exhibition-
An Exhibition of Prints by ATSUKO HONDA」

【Date】1st(tue)-13th(Sun) Apr, 2014
10:00~17:00 (Last day until 16:00/Monday closed)
【Venue】Gallery O (Otsu city, Shiga prifecture)
Dear Friends,
This is the series work of “Daily mono print” since 2007 when I was a student of Visva Bharati in Santiniketan, India. I continue this series work as like my diary prints until today.
This is my 4th times Daily monoprint show. I am really happy to have this opportunity and showing all of my works (also some of Watercolor woodcut and Lithograph) here.
I am still in progress of grown for myself and my work. I’d like to be myself as “ALU FLOWER”(Potato Flower;the meaning of Pure and Natural). I am going to display all my works as same meaning of my life in the present.
my life in the present. 🙂 Hope my works can make the air happy and peace in the gallery.
With Love,